Chrysler 200 vs Hyundai Sonata

Let us take a look at the below presented Chrysler 200 vs Hyundai Sonata discussion and see, which one is a favourite amongst the two corporate sedans.

American 200 vs Korean Sonata 

Though these two belong to two different generations of car making, in today’s auto market they are one of the main rivals of each other. 200 debuted just a couple of years back as 2011 model after it was released as an official replacement for the legendary Sebring. Hyundai Sonata, on the other hand, debuted generations back in 1985 and it is still one of the finest Korean sedans in the world. Here we will get into the discussion of Chrysler 200 vs Hyundai Sonata and see, why either of them is a good buy or a bad buy.

Body Style and Power-Train Differences 

The biggest difference between these two lies in the fact that there is an available convertible body style in 200 line, while Sonata has always been marketed only as a sedan.

The engine options in Chrysler 200 comprise of a 2.4liter 4-cylinder and a 3.6liter V6 power-plant that is available for both sedan and convertible body styles. On the other hand, all the variants of Sonata come powered by only a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine. There also is a 2.0liter turbo charged engine in the line.

0-60 Time 

The V6 engine of Chrysler 200 propels the vehicle from 0-60mph in a respectable 6.9seconds, while the turbocharged 2.0liter engine accelerates Sonata from 0-60mph in a quicker 6.7seconds.

What We Like 

Chrysler 200 boasts of a very neat and clean look, both on the outside and on the inside. The cabin is well isolated and noiseless and the drive quality is one of the best in the segment. To top it all, you get ample state of the art techno features to play around with. The punchy V6 is also efficient enough to solve the purpose.

The Korean Sonata is not any less curvaceous and flaunting. It boasts of a line of variants that are famous for consuming minimum fuel and offer top class ride quality. You get a slew of standard features to pamper you and top safety scores keep you at peace.

What We Don’t Like 

Though the Chrysler sedan has an efficient V6, the vehicle does not feel torquey enough as some of its rivals. The standard features in the vehicle lag behind some of its competitors. What we don’t like the most is its fuel economy figures. The sedans offer 21mpg/30mpg on city/highway and the convertible offers 18mpg/29mpg on city highways, which is not exactly bad but most of the rivals have better economy numbers.

Moving over to Sonata, the fun factor is compromised due to the numb steering and not so comfortable seats. The cabin is also not as insulated as its Chrysler rival and becomes noisy at high speeds.


Pricing Details

The starting MSRP of 2012 Chrysler 200 sedan is $18,995 and that of convertible is $26,775. The entry level 2012 Sonata comes with a price tag of $19,795, while the pricing tops out at $26,445 for the top end variant.

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