Chrysler Electric Vehicles

A slew of Chrysler electric vehicles are in the pipeline including one of the probable Chevy Volt rivals and these electric cars are set to hit the roads soon.

Electric Vehicles 

There are a slew of electric vehicles from Chrysler set to release within next couple of years. The carmaker is also coming up with a Chevy Volt rival. In 2008, the carmaker showcased three electric concepts and few months after that those vehicles were already running on test tracks. The point is that this Auburn Hills carmaker has what it takes. The seniors at the company believe that by 2020, more than half of the auto market will comprise of electric vehicles. The technology deployed in the various Chrysler electric vehicles so far is good enough to be used both in rear-wheel and front-wheel drive models. On top of it, they are also good to go with SUVs, trucks, crossovers or any kind of body-on-frame based vehicles.

The carmaker has taken up a different approach than the one adopted by many companies for bringing up their hybrid vehicles. Companies like Toyota, which boasts of its super successful hybrid, Prius, came up with a dedicated platform for the vehicle. No doubt it worked in favour of the carmaker, but Chrysler is planning to explore its present platforms and focus more time and energy in coming up with an efficient electric drive-train for them rather than designing a new platform.

Recently, we saw Chrysler joining hands with GE (General Electric). As per the sources, GE will decide whether it only wants to develop the batteries to be used in the company’s electric vehicles or it also wants to manufacture them. GE is already said to have proposed what is being called as a dual energy storage system. It comprises of a sodium energy pack for extended energy range and a lithium-ion arrangement for powerful acceleration.

The vice president of the company has constantly maintained that their EVs will cost at least one sixth less than the cost of running a regular naturally aspirated engine powered vehicle. The initial cost of ownership might be high, but still all the vehicles will be priced very competitively.

Some of the prospect Chrysler electric vehicles are mentioned below. Take a look.

  • We have already seen the unveiling of 2009 GEM Peapod EV, which can attain a top speed of 25mph and has a maximum range of 35miles. The line up is expected to see a commercial version and larger city car version joining in.
  • Recently, the carmaker has also announced an electric version of Fiat 500 for US market and its production is expected to commence this year.

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