Chrysler Hardtop Convertible 200 Models

Here we zero in on the highlights of Chrysler hardtop convertible 200 models. The production of these convertibles started in 2011 and they received all the major tweaks as seen in their sedan counterparts.

200 Hardtop Convertible Details 

These convertibles went into production for the first time during early 2011 and they officially replaced Sebring convertibles. The changes and updates on these vehicles were same as the ones seen in their sedan counterparts. Though on the outside it did not appear any different from a regular Sebring convertible, the entire model was revised for customer satisfaction and the quality of everything was far improved. The vehicles in every class received substantial content that were not seen earlier. Let us get into more details of these Chrysler hardtop convertible models.

Model Overview

The most popular one in the line is the LX trim, which comes with a standard 4 speed gearbox that can be chosen with a 6 speed gearbox; plus there is a 200S edition, which comes with numerous body changes. The vehicles are powered by a 2.4liter 4 cylinder engine.


The seats in the newer models are much enhanced for more comfort. They feature latest design, newer cushion, and unique spring geometry. A new lit storage is also included. Other than that, we see floor console and glove box that can be used for storage purposes. Some other optional features are auxiliary audio input, remote start, and cup holders.

Comfortable Suspension 

We see the use of advanced damper valving technology, which offers better control without sacrificing comfort. The front suspension cradle isolators are redesigned so that the vehicle runs smoothly even on rough surfaces. At the front, the convertible has been lowered down by 12 mm and at the back it is lowered down by 6 mm. This helps in achieving better steering response.


The exterior of the vehicle is highlighted by LED all around. The new LED tail lamps look fabulous and so do the newly included LED running lights. The vehicle stands on handsome 17 inch aluminium wheels, which are again very stylish and attractive.

Engine and Power

A new 3.6liter V6 Pentastar engine replaces the older 2.7liter V6 power plant. The new Pentastar engine generates 283hp and 260lb-ft of torque. It offers 19mpg on city roads and 29mpg on highways. On the other hand, the 4 cylinder engine surprisingly offers lesser gas economy of 18mpg/29mpg on city/highway. The V6 helps in sprinting from 0-60mph in a respectable seven seconds.

Some of the other important features these Chrysler hardtop convertible models sport are ESC system with traction control, safety airbags, Brake Assist, and Uconnect, which is optional.

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