Decoding Chrysler Vin Numbers

Decoding Chrysler Vin numbers can be important at times. Thus it is pretty much a necessity to know all about Vin numbers and their decoding.

Learn How to Decode Vin Numbers 

Every vehicle that has been manufactured after 1982 has been assigned a dedicated Vin number or vehicle identification number. At times it becomes important to decode these Vin numbers when you need information about the model, its manufacturer and the factory it originated from. Like any other auto manufacturer’s Vins, Chrysler Vin numbers are also of 17 digits. Here we give a brief algorithm on how to decode these Vin numbers of your Chrysler vehicles.

As we already know, the Vin number comprises of 17 digits and each of these digits have their own respective significance. Let us take a look at these numbers one by one and understand their significance.

  • The first number in the Vin tells about the country the vehicle belongs to. In case of a Chrysler vehicle, the country of origin is US for which the different numbers are 1,4 and 5.
  • The second digit tells about the name of the manufacturer and in case of a Chrysler it is “C”.
  • The third digit in Vin talks about the model. For example, a Sebring has the number “3”.
  • The digits from 4 to 9 talks about different features of a Chrysler vehicle like engine details, trim variant features, vehicle colours, safety amenities, etc.
  • The tenth digit tells the model year of the vehicle. If the vehicle was made in 2001 then the 10th digit is 1, if it was made in 2002, then the number is 2 and so on. For 2000, alphabet “Y” is used.
  • The 11th digit in Vin talks about the factory of origin of the vehicle; in other words the factory in which the vehicle was made. There are total of 9 manufacturing facilities of Chrysler and they all have different digits representing them.

The last six digits in Vin talk about the sequential number of the vehicle as per which it was assembled having a particular package

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