Different Chrysler Vans

Chrysler vans have not had a very huge impact on the van and minivan segment, except for its Town and Country, which went on to become a legend.

Vans and Minivans from Chrysler

The American auto manufacturer has not been very successful in the minivan segment. That is the reason we do not see many vans or minivans in the company’s line. On the other hand, its subsidiary, Dodge has some good 7 to 8 minivans in its line and some of them have been pretty successful as well, while Town and Country has been the only successful and popular minivan from the Auburn Hills automaker. Here we take a look at all the Chrysler vans that the company has released till date.

  1. Chrysler Voyager

Voyager was an import from Plymouth brand and was a more affordable option compared to the famous T&C minivan. The vehicle came with power-adjustable pedals when it debuted. In 2000, the vehicle came in two variants- base and SE. The two engine options were a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and a 3.3 liter V6 engine. All the models came with a 4 speed auto gearbox and were configured in all-wheel drive fashion. By 2003, the vehicle’s final production model had a new nomenclature for its variants. The two trims were named as- LX Value and LX Popular. A 2003 Voyager can be bought for around $4,500.

  1. Grand Voyager

Unlike its smaller version, which lasted in market for good four years, the bigger Grand Voyager fell flat right in its debut year in 2000. This was again one of the imports from Plymouth. It came with acres of interior and cargo space. The vehicle was quite popular as a Plymouth model so even after coming to Chrysler, the vehicle had good residual values. On the downside, the build quality, poor interior fitments, and lacklustre engine led to the demise of the vehicle. A 2000 Grand Voyager can be bought for around $3,400.

  1. Chrysler Town and Country

This is probably the only convincing offering from the company in minivan segment. It boasts of two decades of dominance. The minivan debuted in 1990, thanks to its top class all round design- the vehicle became a legend. The current editions are marketed as Touring, Touring-L, and Limited. A punchy 3.6 liter V6 is the only standard engine in the line. The starting MSRP of 2012 Town and Country is $29,995.

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